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Top 5 Cattle Farms in Pakistan 2021

Sultan Returns By Afridi

The earnings of Pakistan is significantly reliant on agriculture and livestock.. Fortunately, Pakistan is endowed with genetically diverse livestock resources making it one of the centers of animal domestication in this part of the world. Pakistan has kept ahead when it comes to meeting the needs of animals related to their housing, medication, feeding, and overall management. 

The government has introduced several schemes to curtail any future problems by calling for potential investors to support cattle farming. This sector provides ample employment opportunities, and there is a low risk of turnover. More than 8 million rural families are vested in cattle farming, so you can find many cattle farms scattered all over the country, of which we have selected the top ten for your convenience.

Jamal Cattle Farm

 Located in the city bringing in the most economic prosperity, Jamal Farms are modernity personified when talking about cattle farms. They have a broad base of livestock expertise and experience but mainly in raising purebred and commercial cattle. They have all sorts of breeds along with testing facilities and documentation of all animals. They also offer export and import services since their genetic meet the high standard of the international market, making them a recognized name in Pakistan. Their prized possession ‘Minaar-e-Pakistan’ is a bull that people come to see from far and wide. The biggest Brahman Bull was showcased for two days only, and the crowds were insane.  

minaar-e-pakistan by jamal cattle

Surti Cattle Farm

Surti Cattle Farm has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception in Karachi. They call themselves trend-setters which is not that far from the truth. The place is a paradise for cow and goat lovers. People from all over Pakistan gather here, especially when looking for their animal for the auspicious occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha. They have the best hygiene and variety that one can choose from.

white beauty by surti cattle


Afridi Dairy and Cattle Farm

Afridi Cattle farm has a herd size of almost 1000 cattle breeds and is located on the outskirts of Karachi. It is Pakistan’s largest commercial beef operation and has developed a reputation of being the most reliable supplier of fattened carcasses. The farm is sprawled over several acres of land with enough land to fulfil forage and grain requirements. Sultan Returns is their showpiece which is representative of the kind of health you can expect from animals at the Afridi Cattle Farm. The huge bull may look intimidating, but its temperament is as sweet as they come. Be sure to check it out before making any decisions and bring home your animal for this eid. 

Aamir Dilpasand Cattle Farm 

Aamir Dilpasand has developed its niche in a saturated market by acquiring animals that are kept by following safety and health practices. They are medically checked for diseases, weight and then separated depending on who is being slaughtered and who needs further fattening. The animals have access to ample grazing pastures in the heart of Karachi, making the meat healthier than those of conventional markets. Located in Karachi, Dilpasand Farm has grazing pastures and organic feeding habits that make these animals preferable over all others. Their pride and joy is “CHUMCHUM ,” which is a bull that doesn’t come around very often. It is white and beautiful. 

White Beauty Chum Chum

Surmawala Cattle Farm

Founded in 2008, Surmawala cattle farm have become the leading name in the industry. They export cattle internationally from Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Russia. They also have all local breeds of cattle as well. Cattle farming isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Surmawala has proved to be an expert in this field along with all of their other ventures. They have elite animals that form the crème of the choices and never compromise on quality. Their cattle are medically tested all through the year and raise their animals on organic feed. The animals to look out for when visiting their farms are “Tiger” and “Sultan,” the bulls that stand out from the crowd.



Bolchaal Pakistan is no stranger to organic practices for raising cattle and is at the forefront of the industry worldwide. Make sure you get your resources from high-end cattle farms to make the most out of healthy and professional cattle farms. 



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