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Top 10 Pakistan Software Houses Leading in 2021

Top 10 Software Houses In Pakistan

Searching for a company to fulfil the challenging role of managing your business’s software is a daunting task. The rapid progression happening in the field of technology makes keeping up with it an integral part of any business. The entire world is in a race to keep ahead of these changes, which is why the employment of a top-notch software house is of the essence. Software companies in Pakistan offer customized solutions because software products are rarely a one size fits all kind of product. This article will find the top software houses in Pakistan that cater to your needs, bringing you exactly what you desire.

1. 10Pearls

A software house in Pakistan that has made an impression locally and made a remarkable impact internationally in countries such as Canada, Columbia, the USA, and UAE is none other than 10Pearls. Known all over for its diverse employment culture and a firm grasp on all technological advancements, it has well-earned its reputation as an award-winning software house. Another notch in its belt is its recognition in the Inc.5000 list of the quickest growing companies in the USA.

10Pearls is primarily serving some of the biggest tech giants and enterprises for their custom software solutions, enterprise application development, and IT Staff Augmentation.

2.TRG Tech

A project of the Resource Group, TRG is the biggest supplier of BPO with four locations in Karachi and Lahore. These cities form the largest financial hub of Pakistan, making their location ideal for all your software solutions. Your search for experts with customized IT solutions stops here with TRG, helping you deal with framework consolidation, testing, plan advancement, and more.

3. Ovex Technologies

Ovex provides software solutions along with offshore BPO strategies making it the biggest exporter of IT services. With over 670 trained experts, the company is able to come up with a solution to all your problems under the sun. It offers support for all operational groups and customers in getting a financially stable business developed without a hitch.

4. Net Sol

Located in Lahore, NetSol is considered one of the most sought-after software houses in Pakistan and has maintained its reputation from its inception to the present. It offers many services, including software project management, data management, software quality assurance, and data analysis. Some other products like data security frameworks and information security systems also make up a large part of its many services. Their financial consultancy service is beyond reproach, earning them a favorable reputation all over the world.

5. Gaditek

Gaditek is a popular name when looking for solutions that arise with the rapidly evolving digital age. With so much competition remaining relevant is of the essence, and this is where Gaditek shines the most. This IT firm has retained its top position by achieving its objective to become the most hard-working and focusing on teaching others about the importance of being digitally savvy.

6. Systems Limited

It is one of the oldest software houses in Pakistan and has managed to remain in the top ten since its inception in 1977. The company has been a part of over 600 projects carried out in Africa, the Middle East, the US, and Pakistan. With over 30 years of experience in their corner, the firm has transcended the local market and infiltrated the international market, which includes many Fortune 500 companies as well.  It has foreign facilities in the US, UK, UAE, and Pakistan, with over 2500 professionals working for it day and night.


The Pakistan software industry has seen its fair share of software houses come and go, but TechAbout is one that’s here to stay. Their field of expertise lies in IT in education and healthcare, making them the leading experts in their niche. It is integral for these fields to grow with the changing technology making their work indispensable. Some of its other services include prototyping, coding, consultancy, and quality assurance.

8. SolutionDots

Standing tall amongst all other software houses is SolutionDots, with their innovating strategies for software development. Everyone wants to give their website development, logo, and design a makeover: if you want something authentic and original, then these are your guys.

9. KalSoft

Another impressive name in leading software houses is KalSoft, which has become synonymous with experience and brilliance. It has progressed rapidly since 1999 and become a name in the IT field that everyone looks up to. For many years it has empowered businesses to incorporate technology into their systems and stay ahead of their rivals.

10. Zepto Systems

Who doesn’t love one-on-one attention, which is what Zepto is known for. They believe in providing quality care to every client, which is why they bring you customized solutions for your pain points without worrying about the size of the business of their clients. So if you’re a small start-up looking for some intuitive software solution, then Zepto is the one to choose.

11. Rank Planners

Rank Planners is a top software house in pakistan based in Faisalabad.
We have been providing web development and SEO services since our inception in 2015.

Our team of expert developers has developed numerous websites for clients from across the globe.

At Rank Planners we develop and design high quality business solutions that will help you achieve your goals and objectives effectively. You will get more update about startup and examlabs details at bolchaal.pk


These top 10 software houses in Pakistan barely scratch the surface compared to the number of companies that are doing excellent work in IT. These incredible companies continue to keep Pakistan at the forefront of technology with their tenacity, determination, and love of the digital world. Pakistan is quickly becoming an IT hub recognized worldwide, and it is thanks to these software houses, this has become a possibility.




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