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4 Secrets of Making Fashion Photography Studio at Home

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You have a dream of making a fashion photography studio but you are worrying about the budget? You are thinking about the location? Then go through this write-up.

Making a fashion photography studio at home can be the best solution for you. You might be wondering how it would be possible, right? But yes! It is possible. Making a studio at home not only saves your money but also saves your time and energy as well.

For setting up a fashion photography studio you have to know about some strategies and the equipment that are required at the studio. Also, You must need some soft skills for controlling the whole issue as well.


5 mandatory issues regarding fashion photography studio at home you must know!


If you are really dedicated to this matter then you must have the knowledge of  the background , tools , skills and so on. So, to set an excellent studio for fashion photography keep your eyes on this writing!


1.   Who needs this?

If you are a fashion photographer or if you have a clothing business then you should have a studio. In that studio you can easily complete your fashion photoshoot. There will be no time limit and no headache of paying an extra amount.

The only thing is to be very concerned about the overall setup and decoration. That means once you set up the studio very well then you do not have to think about going out. You can do every task there.


You can make money by sitting at home.


2.   How can you set it up?

In your home, there might be any space that is not used that much. It could be a big space or a short space. You should select a big space. It would be better if it is on the side of a room.


You have to bring some tools for that. Make sure there is enough space for your necessary tools. Also, you can stand and your model can stand. Additionally, make sure that there is enough space that you people can move easily.


3.   What should be the background?

Try to keep the background white. Choose a white wall. If it is not white then no problem. Wall colour could be anyone.

You can use big cardboard. Also,  you can wrap the whole place with a white cloth.

I am suggesting keeping the background white because it will make your photography elegant. Also the dress will be more presentable. Moreover,  the shapes will be understood properly.


4.   What tools and equipment are needed?

I am showing you a list of some necessary tools that you need to set up a studio.


  • Camera

Invest in your camera. Do not compromise with the camera quality. Also, a camera is the main tool that you need for your studio. After capturing with a good camera quality, you can take picture retouching services from a reputable editing company.

Without a camera you cannot make photography. So, be wise in selecting a camera.


  • Memory card

Try to take a good, qualified memory card. Make sure that it has enough space to keep your pictures.

A good quality memory card helps you take more captures. In that case, a memory card is another important piece of equipment you will need.


  • Laptop

See your captures on the big screen. Set the laptop in a safe place.  The quality of the picture might be confusing on the camera screen. In that case, you should take the pictures in your laptop first and then delete the unnecessary one.


Also, a laptop is more comfortable and take less space than a desktop.


  • White foam board

 This white board will work as a reflector. The lighting will look more bright if you use this white foam board. It is not mandatory but still you can use for the betterment of your image quality.


  • Table

If you do not hire a model then a table can help you to display your fashionable clothes.  You can buy or set a table of standard length and width. Then, you can place the dresses on the table and take shots from the upward direction.


  • Tripod
    tripod stand

I tripod is a must for your photography. Tripod can give you a complete still picture. This tripod actually will help you from not being blur.


  • Umbrella 

Umbrella will save the surface of the light and give a shiny look in your images.
It will help to spread the light in a specific way . It helps to reflect the light properly.


  • Lights

Light is very important for illustrating the product. If there is not enough light then the picture quality might not be good at all.

Try to use some artificial lights. Also,  use speedlights for flash. The illustration will be excellent. And will give a more professional vibe.


  • Ghost mannequin


Ghost mannequin is necessary for your clothing photoshoot. If you do not want to hire a model then go for it.
Using ghost mannequin service you can create a trendy and fashionable business easily. Also, it will reduce the cost of hiring a model. You do not have to think about the makeup of the model as well.



Tips and Tricks

  • After making outstanding photography at your studio, you can edit the pictures with the online clipping path service providers.
  • Do not use excess light.
  • Set a big mirror so that your model can look at themselves and be more confident.



Final words

In final words, it can be said that, make a list of your important equipments. Then make ready one side or one corner of your room. Then set all the tools accordingly. Have a fantastic fashion photography studio at your own home.


We hope it will save your time, money and energy and you will make a huge profit by this.

Now, We are excited cause of you might find our ideas that what we have described here and also hope you guy’s will get help and potential ideas from here.


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