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Best Offers on Sleepwear & Loungewear for Women By Elora By M


Elora By M, just classy as the name suggests, is a colonizer of classy loungewear with solace and elegance side by side.
Elora By M, founded in Lahore, is a top-notch and leading brand for providing loungewear, accessories, footwear, jewelleries, tees and trousers, winter essentials, robs and gowns. Ever since Elora By M has been founded, it has always been in its full glory of providing comfort and fashion in daily sleepwear and loungewear. We have the ability to make you feel stylish while being relaxed and comfortable.


Elora By M is rooted in Pakistan and has been providing its services nationwide for years. Although it is based locally, but Elora By M – Women’s Loungewear is a brand which is not safe to put in the category of local brands as we offer our services globally including Pakistan, United states, UK , Europe, middle east and covering around the globe.

WHAT Do WE sell?

Our brand has been known for handing out requisites you called for made with various high-quality fabrics including silk, linen, cotton and much more.

Elora By M has made a name for itself for putting forward sleepwear and loungewear in classy and gleaming plain colors, floral prints or printed patterns. There are a lot of luxurious loungewear, practical pyjamas, cute night suits and sleep wears waiting for you to get fetched and walk like a classy fashionista while feeling yourself at your best.

From bedroom to the grocery online shopping, from the kitchen to zoom meetings, our formal-looking, eye-catching designs lets you to be comfortable and flex your loungewear at the same time.

Elora by M offers you everything you are looking for as a loungewear enthusiast under one roof. Whether it includes comfy night suits, sleepwear, women’s cozy linen loungewear, two-piece lounge sets or night dresses for girls.


The peculiarity that makes Elora By M different from other local brands is its variety and pocket-friendly night suits and linen loungewear for girls. Prioritizing our customer’s satisfaction and comfort is what makes us keep doing our best in fabricating our customers’ requirements.

In a world where it is hard to connect fashion with loungewear or consider loungewear as a part of our actual daily style. Elora By M has always tried its best to connect elegance and fashion with cosy loungewear and comfy night suits.

So that our respected customers can enjoy being at the highest level of their satisfaction and confidence even being in their beds. Nowadays where fashion doesn’t go parallel with budget or your pocket, Elora By M has been eminent for exhibiting supremacy in providing you classy and budget-friendly loungewear.

Make yourself a walking fashionista even you are trying your least, make your sleepwear and night suits fashion look expensive by spending minimal. In Elora By M you will find magnificent quality and exceptional designs in an .ample budget.

In the times where Loungewear and sleepwear has suddenly became all-day wear, traditional fashion companies and brands are being drawn to present and become more interested in providing home-friendly wear while Elora By M has always been in the entail to do so.


Linen loungewear has been a quite well-known approach for a wide group of people as it is famous for being a lightweight and durable choice for pyjamas. Linen is known for being a staple material for summers, it is woven from the sustainable flax plant.

Linen loungewear and night suits are body-friendly as linen will make you warn when it is cold and will not let you be over-heated. Our Premium Linen loungewear and PJs have the quality to serve you for years and still will not lose their look and magical qualities without losing their touch and becoming even softer adapting to your body.  Linen is perfect for sleeping in as it is softer yet 2-3 times stronger than cotton, linen allows for optimum breathability.


Elora By M has the best silk quality you can ever look for with the most beautiful and elegant prints. Silk is also a lightweight yet durable fabric and extremely good for loungewear and sleep wears.

Despite of being extremely lightweight, it is a breathable fabric and a natural regulator. Silk loungewear is perfect as all-day loungewear as it helps your body to maintain a comfortable, natural temperature. In cold weather, silk loungewear and night suits help the body to held heat in cold weather while excess heat is rejected in hot weather.

Silk lounge suits are as classy as it looks even in plain or pale colours. Along with silk pyjamas and loungewear impacts on improving your skin and appearance, silk, in general, has scientific significance. As it relieves the aging effects and certain skin conditions. All you can find with the ting of style and fashion under one roof is Elora By M.



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