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10 Unforgettable Things to Do In Gilgit Baltistan for Tourists!


Gilgit Baltistan is the northernmost administrative territory in Pakistan, which is formerly known as the Northern Areas. It is a part of the Kashmir region disputed by Pakistan and India, Azad Kashmir, Ladakh, the Shaksgam Valley, Jammu, Aksai Chin, and the Valley Kashmir. It borders Azad Kashmir to the south, the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan to the north, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the west, the Xinjiang region of China to the east and northeast, and the Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir to the southeast.

It is known as the best place for tours in Pakistan due to its alluring natural beauty. People from all over Pakistan and abroad come to visit this incomparable beauty to spend their holidays. It is deliberately close to the heart of Central Asia and is a hub of the world’s greatest mountain ranges including, The Himalayas, The Hindu Kush, The Karakoram, The Pamir.

Thus, for adventure-loving tourists, there are ten unforgettable things to do in Gilgit Baltistan.

1. A Visit to Skardu Valley

skardu valley

The Skardu Valley runs 10 Km along the Indus River and Shigar River, surrounded by the Karakoram Range’s majestic mountains. The valley is almost surrounded by a white veil throughout the year, with the respite between April and September. It is an incredible place to visit in this ideal season to relish the beauty of the area. The long summer hours of the year allow you to explore view wildflowers, the forests, and spot wildlife’s re-emergence.

2. Boating at Attabad Lakeattabad lake

Attabad Lake is also known as Gojal Lake. It is another sight to behold in Gilgit Baltistan. The lake in the Gojal Valley of northern Pakistan was created in January 2010.  Due to a landslide that destroyed some of the villages and forced the town’s people to be displaced. Attabad Lake blue water is a famous attraction for taking leisurely boat rides across the lake.

3. To Take Memorable Photos at Ghulmat

In the town of Ghulmat, a tourist spot is located in the Nagar Valley called ‘Zero Point of Rakaposhi.’ It is the closest view of the mountain. Today, people have no time; therefore, they usually managed to hike a small mountain portion. However, to capture pictures for memories is a precious thing for people. For this reason, many tourists en route to Hunza stop by at Ghulmat to take photos.

4. Exploring Shangri-La Resort

This area is commonly known as ‘The Roof of the World.’ Shangri-La Resort is located at the height of 2500 meters and a peaceful area at the foot of mountain ranges. It is the most beautiful place that tourists should never miss exploring.

5. Never Miss Out Deosai Plainsdeosai

Deosai is famous as the ‘Land of the Giants’. The high plateau’s beauty lies in its remarkable biodiversity. The place’s varied trekking routes are best for all kinds of hikers. Several springs in Deosai, brimming with trout fish, served as food for locals and bears alike. The Skardu Desert is a unique place in the world.

6. Satpara Lake – You Should Never Misssatpara lake

Satpara is accessible by jeep, and it is a place located 20 Km from Skardu. The boating is available at Satpara Lake to enjoy the crystal-clear water that mirrors the icy mountains.

7. Trekking to Fairy MeadowsFairy meadows Pakistan

Fairy Meadows is the most popular destination and highest mountains, only second to K2, located in Gilgit-Baltistan, north Pakistan. It is considered as accessible hikes that allow the tourists to witness an 8,000m high mountain without doing a multi-day trek.

8. The Historical K2 Museum

The Italian government-sponsored the K2 museum. It is a tent-shaped museum that showcases a multitude of local culture and expedition maps. The K2 museum is located on the grounds of the PDTC K2 Motel near the Indus Riverbank.

9. Chalt – Collision of Continental Plates

60 Km from Gilgit-Baltistan, the point comes called ‘Chalt,’ where two continental plates collide. Because of this collision, the rise of the Himalayas and Karakoram took place. The Asian plate collides with the Subcontinent plate.

10. A Trip to Hunza ValleyHunza valley

Hunza valley, with Karimabad being the main city, 700 years back, came into existence. The ruler of Hunza’s royal seat – the Tibetan influenced UNESCO World Heritage Site, Baltit Fort. Another fort nearby is Altit Fort, which is the very first fort and the birthplace of the Hunza Kingdom. The place is famous for its tradition.

Plan a Tour to Explore Amazing Gilgit-Baltistan!

Gilgit-Baltistan is a special place to explore with a variety of outdoor opportunities for tourists. It makes a good base station for traveling around Pakistan.

Never miss out on the chance to travel around, and see Pakistan’s beauty. You can also use various trip planners and tour guides to discover what you can do and see in Pakistan’s Northern Areas.


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