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How Technology Can Help Restaurant Table Reservations


As restaurants reopen, new ways and technology emerge to meet the distancing. Under normal circumstances and conditions, table reservations at dining venues serve to make more efficient use of space, minimize wait times, and improve traffic flow. Now in the age of social distancing, where conditions are not ideal, many organizations are trying to resume operations in restaurants and hotels by managing queues and human trafficking with a whole new importance.

How can advanced table and meal management technology be more efficient to meet the challenges faced by food service venues and social distancing requirements? Here are some benefits that can be achieved:

restaurant space

1. Guide to managing traffic flow and space

The right solution for managing table reservations helps align capacity and adhere to social distancing standards. This allows staff to more effectively manage how many customers can be in a given space and visibility into the food service schedule.

The text and message functionality also allows work teams to better communicate with customers waiting for a table, so they receive alerts when it is their turn to enter. A visual floor plan of the place helps to see it in a friendly “layout”, so it is easier to focus on serving customers without worrying about the demands of social distancing. When the solution for the management of table reservations is implemented, the system allows doing all this.

2. Redefine which the best assembly of the place is

The requirements of social distancing make food service organizations have to rethink how to manage their spaces. This frequently means that spaces that are not associated with these types of services such as the university gym or an outdoor space must be adapted for this purpose. With the right technology this situation is much easier to solve.

The solutions for reservations in the food service sector allow mapping of the space in question, including those that are not normally used to provide such services. This helps a lot in the operational flexibility needed when spaces must be adapted according to new standards.

3. Organize reservations according to government guidelines

Solutions for the management of reserves facilitate compliance with new municipal regulations. At the moment that universities, clubs, restaurants and other spaces begin to open this is essential. You need an exact level of precision that is not easy to achieve on the fly.

Guidelines and regulations vary from region to region. Considering the specific regulations and the maximum number of people that can be in a place, the solution helps to comply with those government instructions automatically. Software does the main work, and staff can focus on making customers comfortable and creating the best possible experience in each location.

4. Achieve precision and flexibility in all conditions

The right solution allows you to manage waiting times, optimize reservations and make better use of space under any conditions. In the current situation it is essential to have technology for success.


  • Precise wait times for a better customer experience
  • Online reservations in advance
  • Tablet use and plant visibility


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