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Learn Ways to Release Trapped Gas

gas pain in stomach

Learn Ways to Release Trapped Gas

 Sometimes, stomach gas feels like you are having a heart attack. Well, it is as it is because it feels like someone is stabbing in your chest. Such pain can raise the tension enough that makes you go into the emergency room.

It also feels like appendicitis or maybe gallbladder.


A gastroenterologist in Karachi says that passing gas is a normal function of your system and a sign of digestion. You should diagnose the cause that leads to pain. You should learn some healthy tips that can help you release the trapped gas.


Natural Tips to Release Gas

Certain home remedies work many times to release the gas that can cause serious discomfort. You can also prevent stomach pain by eating small bites and drinking water during meals.


Stay physically active

When you have your meal, you shout to avoid sitting and lying. After 15 to 20 minutes, you should take a walk that can improve the blood flow and improve the digestion process.


Massage your belly

 If the gas is trapped, you can still release it by massaging the spot where you feel the pain the most. It will help to move your muscles.


Try yoga poses

 You can relax your body by practicing some yoga poses. It aids to pass the gas. All you need is to lie on your back and extend your legs straight up with your feet together. You need to bend your knees and put your arms together. The next step involves pulling your knees down to your chest. In the end, you need to pull your head up to your knees. It may take twenty seconds but this yoga pose works well.


Drink fluids

 Staying hydrated is a health habit that everyone needs to adopt. But you can try other drinks as well, such as noncarbonated liquids. Not for everyone, but you should try warm water and herbal teas. It releases the trapped gas by relaxing your muscles. Herbal tea is also a good option that you can choose of your own choices, such as ginger root, dried chamomile, and peppermint leaves.


Try herbs

 Herbs are a new trend medicine these days as these have fewer side effects and can help you a lot. You can find these herbs in your kitchen which includes fennel, turmeric, anise, caraway, coriander, etc.


Apple cider vinegar

 If we talk about traditional remedies, apple cider vinegar is on top of the list. Yes, mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water can help you release your trapped gas. If it does not release the gas, you will not still experience any side effects.


Bicarbonate of soda

 Add ½ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate means baking soda in a glass of water. You should drink this water as it will help to release the stomach gas. But avoid the intake of too much baking soda as it can damage your stomach.


How to Diagnose the Trapped Gas?

 Some symptoms can help you know what trapped gas feels like. It feels like stabbing pain in the chest. You may also experience a general feeling of acute discomfort. A bloated stomach also causes stomach cramps. On the left side of the colon, pain can go to the chest and cause pain like you are having a heart attack.


If the gas collects at the right side, it may feel like you have appendicitis.

Gas often occurs when you eat fast or swallow air. Experts also say that eating a combination of foods can also cause trapped gas.


If you do not have enough lactase, it can result in lactose intolerance. Such conditions can also result in gas after eating foods that contain gluten and lactose.

Bacteria grows in your gut parts that start growing in the small intestines. Experts also consider it as one of the leading causes of trapped gas.

Gut issues, like constipation, also result in gas or bloating. If you have constipation, it means that you will experience its symptoms, like gas,

You should focus what are your lifestyle choices and what you eat. You should avoid using straw as it swallows the air. Overeating and smoking can also cause stomach gas. Doctors also suggest drinking in a glass instead of the bottle that leads to swallowing the air.




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