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Plan A Memorable Wedding In Lockdown With A Low Budget


A lockdown happens for the safety of people. A lockdown is considerable in any situation; it is safer for humans to stay inside their homes and avoid coming outside in this COVID-19.

Lockdown in any city or country can occur for many other reasons, including any dangerous disease, violent offenses, dangerous animals entered in the city, and more.

Due to the lockdown, it has become challenging for people to enjoy any moment with friends and family. However, to stop anyone from celebrating their happiness is impossible.

Nowadays, people think that a wedding during lockdown is impossible or can be tedious in Pakistan. However, you can still arrange a very memorable wedding during this pandemic and celebrate your happiness with charm and joy.

The question that comes here is how somebody can arrange an unforgettable wedding in lockdown with a low budget?

Here is the guide with five effective ways to plan a fantastic wedding during the lockdown.

1.      Function At Home

Plan the wedding functions at your home as hotels and restaurants are closed during a lockdown. The catering system is also not allowed by the government.

If you have a ground or any open space at your home, you can easily arrange a fantastic and light event with a low budget. It has become a trend of an open-air wedding.

So, only arrange the ceremony with a decoration of lights, little flowers, and good food. In this way, people will surely love your way of arrangement at home.

2.      Invite Your Loved Ones

Invite your loved ones to the wedding. Gathering during lockdown is dangerous and is not allowed by the government.

If you invite large numbers of people, you may be fined highly by the government. So keeping in mind space, invite-only 15-20 people because social distancing should be carefully practiced.

Without any risk, you will have a peaceful time at the wedding. Serve your guests with a delicious and simple menu at the wedding. In this way, anybody can easily present a very memorable wedding on a low budget and save a considerable amount of money.

3.      Prepare Simple Food At Home

Involve your family members in the preparation of the function. To prepare the wedding food, you can ask your family members to cook something good.

For a wedding, you can arrange cakes, puddings, and other dishes that can be prepared at home.

4.      Involve Your Family Members

Include extended family and friends at your wedding digitally. Getting married during lockdown means an even shorter guest list, and it is not a happy thing at all.

For this problem, you can use the internet as a rescue. Invite your friends and family through zoom calls and let them join the wedding live. It will make you feel like you all are together.

Divide the list of guests occasion wise so that each event’s list will have different people.

5.      Practice Social Distancing

The most important thing during the events of the wedding is social distancing. Practice social distancing, wear masks and use sanitizers again and again after every 25 minutes. Put the plastic gloves on your hands if needed.

The wedding couple should also follow safety measures. A bride should also wear a mask, but the simple mask will not look better with makeup and a fancy dress.

You can ask a designer to make a beautiful mask from the piece of lehenga and do some fancy work on it with thread and pearls to give it a fascinating look.

Ways To Make It Easy!

These are the significant ways that help in planning and arranging a beautiful wedding in lockdown. A wedding during lockdown automatically reduces your budget.

Though, never let any stone kill the charm of your happiness! You can always have a way to celebrate your happiness.


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