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10 Best Online Shopping Websites Trending in Pakistan 2023

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The trend of online shopping eventually turned into a need yet digital retailers cannot thank COVID enough for this. Since 2020, the hype of online shopping in Pakistan took a twisted shot and people started turning their head towards online websites to do the needful.

Though the new normal is not that bad and traditional shopping has been permitted but still, some of the Pakistanis are now obsessed with the online shopping and we are of course not surprised to know this.

Apparently in 2021, there are around 10 portals of Pakistan that are leading all around the digital platforms and is being honored with heavy website traffic (thanks to all online purchasers). Let’s have a quick glimpse on the best online shopping websites that are being listed on top in 2023.

1. Shophive.com

This oldy-goldy online shopping website of Pakistan was already winning the game and yet it has turned into a biggest shopping hub of the country. The Shophive is a platform that offers a full facility of cellular devices, daily care, and home appliances.

Not only this, the brand offers an individual portion specifically for the corporate sectors where they provide equal facility to the business persons via assisting procurement needs. So, if you own a business and willing to make a bulky purchase then we have this good news for you that the brand will be offering you a huge discount. Another best thing about brand is that it offers delivery services throughout the Pakistan as the major motive is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Goto.com

Just like the name, the brand itself is diverse and provides a huge variety of goods to its potential customers. Along with the wide variety of products, the brand offers a reliable shopping experience to its customers. The product line includes daily routine products to home appliances and other necessities. On the whole, the brand is making shopping hassle free for customers.

In a nutshell, so far, goto.com is being considered as the best online shopping website in Pakistan as the brand is known for its on-time delivery commitment.

Since people purchase daily products and goods from the website thus, the service providers assure to fulfill their delivery commitment as promised, without letting customers feel dissatisfied. Apparently, the graph showed that this website particularly earned more traffic and is being ranked on the top of search engines.

3. iShopping
ishopping website homepage

This finely designed shopping website is being rated on top by the purchasers of Pakistan. One of the best features of iShopping that usually attract customers is the fact that it targets diversely many niches, all at once. At this marketplace customers can get their hands on all types of products and goods and this is what marks this site unique.

From giving a shoutout call to kids, men, and women to providing convenient facilities to retailers, the brand serves more like a good-to-go place for online purchasers. Apart from the shopping facility, iShopping ensure to make customers satisfied at utmost level and thus for this, it offers highly secured payment method and reliable policies.

4. HomeShopping


Among all best online shopping websites, the HomeShopping honorably falls in the fourth category. Although, this one is a more gadget-call for all the ones who are willing to buy new phone through online platform, just within reasonable price range. At HomeShopping customers can easily get all types of gadgets and high-end tech goods without being into much hassle.

If you are the one who wish to invest on latest technology or gadgets then HomeShopping.pk is your stop. Not only this, the brand offer products that are reliable enough with a particular guarantee. So, if anyone of you do not want to take risk with your gadget investment then opting this platform is still the safest yet best choice. Just pay through your Mastercard and you are all perfect to make secured gadget purchase.

5. Buyon.pk

Well, this one platform itself is a surprise because the affiliation of Buyon is integrated with another top-rated website that is, Tohfay.com. The platform is apparently offering imported products and all types of daily-use goods for men, women, and children. The product range in this shop ranges from ordinary items to imported goods.

Apart from the offered products, the design layout of the brand is made with customer-friendly aesthetics that makes it easy for the customers to get into the process of shopping conveniently. So, if you have hustling schedule and do not have enough time to invest on daily grocery items then turn your hands down on this customer-friendly website.

6. WBMInternational




The WBM International is an ideal platform for all the ones who are unable to find good quality/imported products in Pakistan. This leading online marketplace is apparently introduced by the WBM(Pvt) Ltd, the brand is famous for selling best consumer goods through Amazon USA. So, let’s give a big thanks to this platform because now Pakistanis do not have to worry about the authenticity of imported products. As, at WBM International you can get a huge range of products within reliable price range and with guaranteed authenticity.

Another oh-so-amazing thing about this platform is that it offers huge discount offers to its potential consumers. Imagine getting imported product item within discounted prices (oh yeah, the feeling is real). Although this brand is new digital venture in the market yet still it has managed to get in top 10 shopping online websites in Pakistan, all due to the services that it has been provided to customers. Next time, do not bother your relatives to bring you those imported item for you, just download the app and get on board!

7. Prislo

Prislo.com is a unique mention and is different from all others in the list. Prislo is not an online store, it is a search engine that helps you find the best prices from all shopping sites in Pakistan. You can search all sites at once and see what products are available and compare their prices to find the best deal.

The search feature on Prislo is one of the best around that gets over a million monthly visitors with high purchasing intent. With its highly intuitive architecture and simple user interface, Prislo gives precise results for whatever you want to find and shows more variety than any other store.

You can also find all branded and official stores such as Sana Safinaz, Limelight and Gul Ahmed. Clicking on the product of your interest takes you to the a website where you can purchase the product from.








8. PriceOye


Launched in 2020, PriceOye is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce stores online, offering a wide range of products and accessories to customers all over Pakistan. This online shopping website got the attention of customers with its unique open parcel delivery option allowing customers to check the product before payment. In a market where scams have a higher possibility, the transparency and authenticity by PriceOye is a great initiative.

With a focus on delivering excellent customer service and high-quality products at affordable prices, PriceOye has quickly become one of the leading online shopping websites in Pakistan. Whether you’re looking for mobile phones, laptops, or any other gadgets, you can find it all at PriceOye. With over 3.1 million visitors a month, we can surely say people love to shop over there.

9. Daraz

Well, the name itself is enough and none of us need an introduction of this leading digital market of Pakistan. Among all ecommerce websites of Pakistan, Daraz is one of the renowned one where people do not only purchase, but some are equally taking benefit via serving as the seller.  Although the fact that makes this marketplace is more reliable is that it is being owned by one of the world’s leading digital market that is, Alibaba group.

The platform is known as a diverse digital shopping mall where there around more than 30 thousand sellers that deals differently in various of niches and industries. Be it jewelry items, toys, kids’ products, home appliances or anything, this marketplace is enriched with the demands and multiple choices. Whereas, the incredible discount offers are another best feature that makes this platform more demanding and highly ranked on search engines.

10. Telemart


The Telemart is serving to customers when the trend of online shopping used to be rare thing. The mart is assisting its potential customers for more than 27 years, while keeping the quality graph right up to the mark. Initially the brand stepped into the market with specific product line later than, it increased its product range and started target healthcare industry along with fashion industry as well. So far, even in 2023, the Telemart is the only online shopping platform that is offering best quality of gold-plated products as well.

The motive of the Telemart is to offer customer value more than just selling or competing in the relative marketplace. This mart specifically provides 150,000+ products in its online store. While to make the experience of customers more exciting, the brand also offers big discounts and loyal card offer so that the customers can buy more in less.

11. Pinpack

Pinpack is an e-commerce store that has become one of the fastest-growing online stores. It sells mobile phones, accessories, and tablets at reasonable prices. The store offers open parcel delivery so customers can buy with convenience. What sets Pinpack apart is its ability to provide customers with accurate mobile prices based on market value. With these features, Pinpack has quickly become a leader in the e-commerce store industry.


Let’s wrap up our entire discussion in a nutshell that the trend of online shopping is giving an emerged opportunity for all of the digital marketers and sellers. Where at one side the demand of customer is increasing on the same side, the sellers are assuring to provide value to customers through introducing new products line and convenient shopping options. So, if you have not tried any of the aforementioned website/application yet then it’s your take to jump in the bandwagon.


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