Home News Bill Gates Visited Pakistan to Commend its Inspiring Polio Eradication Efforts

Bill Gates Visited Pakistan to Commend its Inspiring Polio Eradication Efforts

Imran Khan Meet With Bill Gates

Bill Gates, owner of tech giant Microsoft and a popular billionaire, visited Pakistan’s capital Islamabad on Thursday, February 17th 2022. His daylong visit to Pakistan and with PM Imran Khan concluded with discussions on the eradication of diseases like polio and tuberculosis. Imran Khan further appreciated Bill Gates for his contributive efforts for the elimination of poverty and creating general health awareness in the world.  

imran tweet about polio donation

The meeting further proceeded with Gates appreciating Pakistan for its efforts in eradicating polio via the polio vaccine. Also, he commended Pakistan’s response to Covid-19 and no. of fatalities lower than expected. He thanked the government, health workers and parents for collaborating during the vaccination campaigns and contributing to an overall polio-free future of the world. 

President Arif Alvi honoured Bill Gates with Hilal-Pakistan award for his overall philanthropic dedication. Later, a Cabinet Minister, Faisal Javed Khan tweeted this award to be a ‘well-deserved award for exceptional services fighting against poverty, diseases and inequality.

arif alvi giving guard of honor to bill gates

While Gates found Pakistan’s dedication to fighting polio ‘inspiring’, he also commented that Pakistan has the opportunity to end polio for good and make history – possible with consistent momentum and vigilance.


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