Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan Latest Update 2024

    Top 10 Ngo's in pakistan

    Did you know that NGOs are like superheroes, tackling big problems in Pakistan and even beyond? They do really important work but don’t make any money from it. These top organizations in Pakistan are the unsung heroes making a big difference!

    In 2005, a big earthquake in Pakistan hurt many people. Local groups and NGOs helped a lot. In 2010, floods affected 20 million, but again, NGOs and people worked together. During COVID-19, NGOs in Karachi and Islamabad helped globally, showing Pakistan cares for everyone.Top of Form

    Let’s explore the awesome world of Pakistan’s top 10 NGOs! These are special organizations that work to help people without making any profit. Imagine a world dealing with not enough money, lots of people being poor, not having good schools, and facing health issues – that’s where NGOs step in!

    These NGOs in Pakistan are like independent champions fighting for good things in society, like fairness, better politics, and a stronger economy. They’re not just doing it in Pakistan but are also working on goals set by the United Nations to reduce poverty, improve education, and much more.

    So, buckle to know more about the NGOs in Pakistan! We’ll introduce you to these incredible organizations, each with its own unique story of making the world a better place. Let’s dive in and discover the awesome work they’re doing for humanity!

    Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan

    1: EDHI

    The Edhi organization is one of the top NGOs in Pakistan. Edhi Foundation is known for its rapid rescue services across Pakistan and orphan care centres, two of the most important components of citizen welfare.

    With many children on the streets and in child labor, Pakistan’s literacy rate has declined significantly and currently stands at 58 percent. This top organization is also among the top 10 NGOs in Pakistan.

    They don’t care about your race or religion – they just want to help. Edhi is a philanthropist and when it comes to humanity, their heroic contribution to the nation cannot be forgotten.

    2: JDC Welfare Trust


    The JDC organization was founded by Zafar Abbas. In his 12 years, the charity JDC has been working all over Pakistan and in almost all areas of human development.

    JDC Welfare Trust in Pakistan is making a significant impact through various charitable and social services. From operating a free mobile restaurant in Karachi to running an orphanage, a dialysis center, an ambulance service, an educational system, and a COVID-19 hospital, JDC Welfare Trust is dedicated to the well-being of individuals and families.

    With a focus on development and social contribution, JDC aspires to elevate Pakistan into a prosperous nation. Over 2 million beneficiaries have been supported through donations and care packages, marking a substantial contribution to the country’s progress.

    3: Shahid Afridi Foundation
    shahid afridi foundation

    Established in 2014 by the renowned Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, fondly known as ‘Boom Boom,’ the Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) operates globally with offices spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. The official campaign, DonateKaroNa, is SAF’s initiative to extend support during these challenging times.

    Afridi, a remarkable individual, couldn’t turn a blind eye to the pandemic’s impact and became a driving force in aiding people from Karachi to Kohat through widespread food distribution efforts. SAF stands among the top organizations in Pakistan, having successfully served over 4,000 families in underprivileged areas, ensuring assistance reaches as many people as possible

    4: Baitussalam welfare trust

    Baitus Salam Welfare Trust (BWT) is a Pakistan-based charity and is among the international NGOs in Pakistan that provides Muslims around the world with charitable, humanitarian and social welfare services and sustainable socio-economic services based on Islamic principles.

    • They provide opportunities to learn and put into practice initiatives for development.
    • They are supervised by knowledgeable and experienced Islamic scholars.

    Baitussalam is registered as an international NGO with the FBR, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is listed in the Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance under Articles 61 and 66 of the Federal Financial Budget 2020.

    5: Alamgir Welfare Trust

    AWT was founded by Shahid Anwar Naseem Chandna, who was assassinated in 2001. It is currently headed by Chaudhary Nisar Ahmed. It is welfare trust in Karachi. The company initially began collecting leftover food from local wedding venues and distributing it to more than 500 people in need every day.

    Alamgir Welfare Trust (AWT) is known for its social services and speaking up for the voiceless. However, during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, they have proven their excellence in relief operations.

    The trust has allocated Rs 500 million for those affected by the lockdown and is also considering support for healthcare workers. They also distribute food parcels to rural and suburban areas. Other Karachi based welfare trust organizations include:

    • Elaj Trust
    • Saaya
    • Karachi Relief Trust
    • Orange Tree Foundation

    6: Saylani welfare
    saylani welfare

    Saylani welfare trust established in 1999, Seilani Welfare is one of the premier non-profit top NGOs in Pakistan. Like other NGOs, Seilani Welfare’s main goal is to serve humanity. The founder and saint of this top NGO in Pakistan is Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooqi. Saylani Welfare Trust has a special focus on the areas of food, education and healthcare.

    According to unconfirmed sources, it helps about 63,000 people every day. Each member of the organization works tirelessly to improve the lives of the middle class, lower class, and lower class poor.

    This welfare Trust is running an aggressive Duster Kwan campaign and RO plant installation campaign to provide essential supplies to those in need. The company’s education services provide educational facilities to 180,000 students annually.

    7: Darul Sukoon

    Dar-ul-Sukoon is also another top welfare NGOs in Pakistan and was established as a home for abandoned and disabled children. It was founded on February 17, 1969 by Gertrude Remmens, a Dutch nun who came to Pakistan as a visitor as a teenager. She was deeply moved by the plight of children with disabilities who were found on street corners and rescued from city dumps.

    In Pakistan, she devoted her life to caring for children taken in by social workers, police and her relatives. Their selfless love and affection turned this into a stark reality and the charity organization.

    8: Alkhidmat Foundation, Pakistan
    Al khidmat foundation karachi

    Akhidmat Foundation Pakistan is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides humanitarian and social services to communities across Pakistan. This welfare trust is known for its active efforts in disaster management, health care, education, and orphan care for over 30 years.

    Other services of this top NGO, include child protection, clean water, Mawaqat (interest-free loans), and community development.

    9: Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital

    The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center (SKMCH&RC) stands as a cutting-edge cancer facility situated in Lahore and Peshawar, Pakistan. This hospital is at the forefront of cancer care, offering state-of-the-art services to patients.

    Remarkably, Shaukat Khanum Hospital remains committed to providing free treatment to more than 75% of cancer patients, showcasing its dedication to accessibility and care for those in need.

    The establishment of SKMCH&RC in Lahore marked the pioneering initiative of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, a non-profit organization established under the Pakistan Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. This underscores the organization’s altruistic mission and commitment to addressing the critical healthcare needs of the community, particularly in the challenging times of cancer treatment.

    10: Chippa Welfare Foundation

    Ramzan Chippa founded the Chippa Welfare Trust, a leading organization that has grown to become one of the largest volunteer groups in the country. The trust is dedicated to a wide range of services, including providing ambulances for emergency medical assistance, managing cemeteries, offering dusters for cleanliness initiatives, running orphanages, and distributing food to those in need.

    The Chippa Welfare Trust stands as a testament to the power of community service, making significant contributions across various essential sectors to uplift and support the community.

    Take Away

    In summary, we’ve explored some incredible NGOs in Pakistan, like Edhi, JDC Welfare Trust, Shahid Afridi Foundation, Baitus Salam Welfare Trust, Alamgir Welfare Trust, Saylani Welfare, Darul Sukoon, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, and Chippa Welfare Foundation.

    These NGOs are like heroes, helping people in various ways without asking for anything in return. Whether it’s rescuing people, providing healthcare, or supporting during disasters, each NGO is making a positive impact. Let’s celebrate these top organizations in Pakistan for their kindness and dedication.


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