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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Emergency Alert System


The alert system is a medical alarm for seniors for elderly people with health issues or conditions who wish to live at home by monitoring their personal emergency and personal alarm systems. Thanks to the interactive two-way wireless personal alarm systems, older adults no longer need to move into an assisted living facility or stay with family members. A company’s main service may also be described as providing medical alarms for seniors. Multifaceted emergency systems, emergency panic pendants have a personal alarm system with a short range and a 24/7 operator. Necklaces or wristbands contain a waterproof button that connects to a speaker that ensures direct communication with an operator available 24/7.

There are different challenges you may face, such as Domestic Violence. There were 1.9 million cases of domestic abuse among adults (16 to 59 years old) in England and Wales during the year ending March 2017. A total of 713,000 men and 1.2 million women were involved in these incidents. Domestic violence accounted for 46% of crimes recorded; violent crimes accounted for 32%.   A total of 39 police forces recorded 46 arrests per 100 domestic violence-related crimes through June 2017; the number was 46 arrests per 100 recorded domestic abuse crimes. Our emergency alert system is here to assist you.

Imagine a situation in which the telephone line goes down as you face an emergency situation, such as a fire breaking out in your home or a sudden health crisis. Without the phone, you cannot call anyone for help. Could you imagine what would happen without a phone? It’s as simple as pressing the SOS button. As soon as you press the personal alarms, help will arrive and save your precious life. Life is a precious gift that we all deserve. Your end would surely respond with a smile and a blessing, which is what we eagerly anticipate via personal alarms.

Specially designed for the elderly, Doctor Alert, an emergency alert system, keeps them safe and independent. Alarms are especially useful for those at risk of falling and those with disabilities or medical conditions. By wearing an emergency alert bracelet or pendant at all times, with a simple push of a button you can instantly get connected to help from the system’s base in an emergency. Getting on the phone or dialing numbers is not necessary.Falling among the elderly is a major problem today. Those who have fallen more than once can receive reassurance from an elderly alarm device as they are at an increased risk of falling. A fall can cause debilitating injuries such as a broken hip or head injury. Lie helpless for hours or days and you may become dehydrated, hypothermic, develop pressure ulcers, lose muscle mass, develop a kidney infection, or even die. A medical alert watch system can help prevent these risks. With our world-class services, we will also provide you with an emergency alert system which can be used in emergencies during a crisis. Our daily lives can become more difficult as we grow older because we start forgetting important information.


Ninety-seven percent of all calls are answered within sixty seconds (our lines are always open), and through a two-way speaker in the base unit, your loved one can communicate directly with the operator. We will still be able to help if that’s not possible. Our Prioritized list of family, friends, neighbors, or voluntary organizations who can provide help within 30 minutes will already know who they are, where they live, and who they would like to come and help them. If necessary, we can provide immediate assistance, including emergency services. The Doctor Alert wearable V1 smartwatch makes it easier to call for help. By using the Lively app on your smartphone, you can access our 5-Star Urgent Response service in an instant for any emergency. You won’t even notice you’re wearing one thanks to its sleek design. Doctor Alert wearable V1 smartwatch the medical alert watch for seniors has the following features:


  • We’re here 24/7, anywhere
  • Stylish and sleek
  • Falls can be detected
  • A water-resistant material
  • Feature of two-way communication
  • Geographical fencing
  • Guaranteed for one year


A 5Star Urgent Response Agent
Is a dedicated operator in emergency or non-emergency situations in the Doctor Alert wearable V1 smartwatch is a medical alert watch for seniors. If you use the Lively app on your smartphone, they can help you if you need assistance in a medical emergency, if you are locked out of your house, or if your car is not working. Operation of the medical alert watch system is as follows:

  • Press on SOS: To access our 24/7 monitoring team, press the smart wearable SOS button. You will be connected to a highly-trained operator who can assist you in any situation.


  • Connect: In the event of an emergency, our operator will locate your location using the GPS inbuilt in the phone and stay on the line until everything is resolved.


  • Get Help: If you need medical or non-medical assistance, our operators will contact emergency contacts and arrange for a paramedic to respond.






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