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Must-Know Things about Innovation Factory & Dubai Crypto Expo 22

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We live in a time where technical progress is on a massive scale. Businesses have seen a significant transition to online platforms as a result of current IT sector development. As a result, there is a huge demand for financial technology solutions. They require everything, from digital payment gateways to innovative digital financial systems. 

With the advent of blockchain technology and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the demand for creative digital financial models has never been greater. The Innovation Factory has stepped in to provide the solutions and, as a result, to establish a comprehensive digital financial-economic model.

Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory is a company that provides smart and innovative financial solutions. The business is developing comprehensive financial protocols and ecosystems that will shape the future of digital finance and the economy. The innovation factory’s founders are a group of global geniuses who have banded together to make breakthrough advances in digital accounting and finance procedures.


Starting in 2019 Innovation Factory took its first step by launching its first project “BFIC Token”, but soon they realize that the previous blockchain they are working on has many loopholes and lacks. So, they started to work on their blockchain project. After the successful development and testing of their 3rd generation blockchain, the company started building their projects based on their blockchain.

This advanced technology does not only comprises the best features of the other blockchains, but is also based on the most advanced features that the world has ever witnessed in terms of security, speed, and stability.

Innovation Factory has created a great decentralized digital finance protocol that includes a digital currency as well as an extensive ecosystem that creates a tremendous utility as well as many ways to earn and gain money.


Currently, the ecosystem comprises many ongoing projects, some of them are the following:

● Bitcoin

● XchangeOn (Digital Currency Exchange)

● BFIC network

● Bulleto (Smart Contract)

● BBonds (Digital Bonds)

● 1st investment

This ecosystem was designed to fill the gaps of Crypto and Network marketing industries. Innovation Factory has an optimal software system that provides accurate and fully transparent calculations, secured through a dedicated encryption program. 

The co-matrix comprises elements and features that allow the investors to generate income one way or the other. Everybody wins with Innovation Factory. 


After the development of its own blockchain, Innovation Factory launched its first project, Bficoin. It is digital exchange crypto for conducting financial transactions using encrypted functions such as peer-to-peer networks. It affects the use of blockchain technology between two peers for decentralized and transparent transactions. Being a digital currency, Bficoin can be utilized on numerous platforms around the world that allow transactions through cryptocurrency.

● Purchase BBonds

● Purchase Virtual meet subscription

● Purchase insured trading subscription

● Enter Bulleto smart contract

● Registration for 1st Investment Bank

● Exchange with other Cryptocurrencies


For the exchange of its BFIC, the company came up with another project, XchangeOn. World’s first cryptocurrency exchange that offers easy and lightning-fast exchange. With XchangeOn you can easily exchange BFIC with numerous other cryptocurrencies and vice versa. The best part is, there are no hidden charges. The exchange/transaction fees are almost negligible. Furthermore, you may also establish your own vendor/exchanger account on XchangeOn and conduct exchange business. Play with your assets however you want to.

BFIC Network

It is a revolutionary platform in the crypto industry. This emergent platform is built on a 3rd generation blockchain, which makes it faster and more secure than other crypto networks. BFIC network functions as a system in which a large number of users work together to earn legitimate crypto money through staking.


It is the world’s first ecosystem-based smart contract. It is a profitable helping plan with a 100% success rate in the testing phase. It converts cryptocurrency into profitable investment via smart contracting. Its diversified portfolio and ecosystem allow its investor to yield high profits at minimum risks.


They are digital or cryptocurrency prize bonds. Their core structure or functionality is the same as any digital bond that is a Digital generated bond number that is highly secure and can be instantly liquidated against the digital currency. BBond draws will rely on the American Powerball lottery. This allows an unbiased draw leaving no doubts in the mind of investors. The bigger the reward sum, the more digits on your BBond match the lottery numbers.

Furthermore, win BFIC by a lucky draw after every 15 days. The prize amount depends upon the numbers of matching digits between the American Powerball lottery numbers and BBond digits. 

Love Wallet

Love wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, where you can store your coins and you can also send them out. Receive coins from other people and you can also buy cryptocurrency using this wallet. 

1st Investment

The world’s first ROI that has never been offered before by any government, investment firm, or bank. Investors’ top fear is the security of their funds. 1st Investment allows customization with the vision of “Your money, your control”. 

Custom ROI plans allow the leaders and networkers to enjoy zero percent risk or liability. They can opt for specific to receive direct binary and level bonuses. Investors have control over their money and can withdraw whenever they wish to.

Upcoming Projects

Innovation Factory does not stop here, its roadmap has many upcoming projects:

● Virtual meet

● Insured trading

● BFIC store

● Time 2 Travel

● Crypto Cash

● Trump Card

● ExchangeOn Dex

● Snake & Ladder

● Idol blocks

● MetaMall

● P2PHomes

● Cryptube

● BFIC Academy

According to the company’s development team, each project will be launched every coming month. With the launch of each project, the ecosystem will grow stronger, resulting in the development of the company and BFIC as well.

Not only this, these projects will also serve as the utilities for Bficoin. You can use the coin to insure your crypto, to pay for travel, to shop from more than 2000 international brands, and many more. 

Dubai Expo

Innovation Factory taking big steps now towards evolution. Starting from the Dubai Expo 2022. The Crypto Expo Dubai is a gathering for investors and experts in the crypto industry to network and discover new business prospects. The company at its platinum stall will be exhibiting its projects and services. The leaders and CEOs’ will be delivering the insights to crypto traders and investors. 

Innovation Factory will be the titanium sponsor of this event and will:

● Meet and engage with 1000+ traders attending face-to-face

● Give insights into the key facts that shape Innovation Factory

● Showcase Innovation Factory products and services

● Help Teach investors how to invest in this exciting market


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