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8 Best Regional Pakistani Singers 2024


The music world is going through a revolutionary change. In recent years, many Pakistani singers received recognition internationally as well. Without a doubt, music industry is expanding its horizons wider than before. Moreover, most popular singers in Pakistan come from all walks of life. From young artists to grown-ups, there is a lot of diversity in music industry. This helps to overcome many possible restrictions. Thus, many Pakistan’s regional singers are stepping forward to display their skills. Hence, emerging artists like Azhar Khan have received immense appreciation. Pezwan is his Pashto song with about 5.4M+ views on YouTube alone. Furthermore, the passion for music plays a vital role as well. Both Pakistani musicians and their fans have great interest in music.

What’s more, most regional singers produce amazing folk songs. Therefore, Gul Panra has earned her fame through songs like Mazigar, and Rasha Khumara Mashup. Nonetheless, the land is full of many legendary artists as well. Hence, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Noor Jahan has elevated music as Pakistani singers. Presently, the cultural heritage of Pakistan also creates space for new music compositions. Thus, the industry has produced many best Pakistani singers. Moreover, folk music fuses together social, and cultural values. Most famous Pakistani singers share a goal to spread word regarding some particular cause. For instance, Sufi-singers desire to spread the message of peace and tolerance in the world.
There are diverse local singers in Pakistan. And they are pulling heart strings of fans around the globe. Some of the best regional singers of Pakistan include the following.

⦁ Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

In Pakistan, most singers have emerged from rich Punjabi soil. And their names are among the most popular singers in the hall of fame. The legendary Qawwal – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is truly deserving of the title. He rose to fame after these Punjabi tracks: Menu Yaar Di Namaz, Tara Tara Jagon, Kamli Wale, Aja Mahi, and Ranjha Jogi ho gaya. What’s more, he is also the folk artist in Pakistan who initially promoted Qawwali on international platforms.

⦁ Noor Jahan

There are also female Punjabi singers who contributed greatly. The famous artist in Pakistan through the ages, could rightly be only Noor Jahan. She was the finest early artist among other local singers in Pakistan based in Kasur, Punjab. She relocated to Pakistan after the division of the Indian Subcontinent. Her passion for singing brought forth diverse geet, ghazal, and many other Punjabi songs. Songs like Tol Umar, Ma Raza Pa Ghla, Bar Kandaw Ta Gora, and Da Halak Tora Da are golden pearls in the vast sea of music.

⦁ Karan Khan

When one thinks of Pashto songs, the soft music and poetry fills the mind. There are many Pashto best singers, trending among others. This category is incomplete without Karan Khan. He is best Pakistani artist. Tata Sa Pata Da, Rubai Na La Iqrara, and Za Ye Paida Karam are his renowned master pieces. Besides, he ranks highest as the trending folk artist in Pakistan.
Nonetheless, his 13th album “Tasweer” came out in 2015. It is an epitome of essential themes. This album has an abundance of romantic Ghazals, peaceful songs, historical songs, Tappas and a Qawwali. The artist expresses that his song collection would shed light on essential topics. Apart from the heart-felt songs, the songs also highlight the struggles of people during wars. Moreover, many reflect hopes of peaceful world. A lot of research was done by this Pakistani artist in his song compositions. Thus, he is celebrated as best Pakistani artist.

⦁ Nazia Iqbal

Most of the Pashto best singers either belong to Pakistan or Afghanistan. Nazia Iqbal is a global sensation. What’s more, she was the Ambassador of Peshawar Zalmi. In addition to being folk artist in Pakistan, she performs on international platforms too. She is a gem with Gul Teera Sho Oran Aos, Pa Jang Ke Mrina, and Zari Zari Zai hit songs. The singer has 23K+ music lovers in her fandom monthly on Spotify.

⦁ Jalal Chandio Ji Kacheri

The land of Sindh is no less qualified in case of talented singers. The region has produced many legendary musicians that people cherish today. Jalal Chandio Ji Kacheri is a Pakistani artist whose remarkable songs stand out. He soon became the voice of Sindh. Guzri Vaya Gharran Denhrra, Kedi Dar Karey Tha Yaar, and Rinr Karey Vaen Rana are his hit tracks. His talented voice has made him renowned folk artist in Pakistan.

⦁ Rubina Qureshi

Another great Pakistani artist is Rubina Qureshi. She is famously known as the “Nightingale of Pakistan”. Her songs are in Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi, and Saraiki languages. She is a famous artist in Pakistan with Mor Tho Tilley Rana, Dhoop Saat Rangon, and Jor Kya Kya Jafaen songs. Television’s hit songs include these tracks. Furthermore, she was honoured with “Tamagah-e-Imitiaz” in 2021. Besides, being a famous artist in Pakistan, she was also a playback singer. In addition to this, she sang for Sindhi films as well. Thus, she deserved the award for her contributions. Presently, she resides in the memories of her fans. Since, she passed away in 2022.

⦁ Mahnoor Khan

Mahnoor Khan is among the best local singers in Pakistan. She is renowned Hindko vocalist. Her soft vocals have charmed many listeners. Thus, Dil Tote Thi Dewan, Mola Milae Jodai, and Paizwana are popular tracks. Although, Hindko originated in India, Mahnoor Khan has shown its true essence through songs. Her style is a blend of Sufi-music, western Jazz, and infused with traditional music. However, she is also an actor who has been cast into many drama serials. What’s more, she also sang Mehdi Hassan’s ghazal: Ranjish Hi Sahi. This track is perfectly harmonious, and pleasant to music lovers.

⦁ Afshan Zaibi

Afshan Zaibi is among some of the sensational regional singers. She is a winner of PTV Talent Award of 2011. Moreover, she earned her fame through the album “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”. Hindko, Punjabi, Urdu, and Saraiki folk music are all under her command. Furthermore, she began singing in Hindko as a young artist. Hence, she is a gem among the best Pakistani singers.


To sum up, Pakistani singers form a large growing community today. Music industry is breaking most restrictions in every possible way. There are musicians from all walks of life – young girls to adult legends, regional singers, and even female artists. This has proven to be most beneficial to the music industry. Although best Pakistani musicians form vast circle yet Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Hindko singers are among some, to name a few. First of all, Punjabi singers have taken a lead with artists like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Noor Jahan. Followed by Sindhi that is overflowing with most popular singers such as Jalal Chandio Ji Kacheri and Rubina Qureshi. Such unique blend of regional music along with harmonious vocals captivates their regional fans and make them stand out even in the global crowds.
Nonetheless, Pashto and Hindko singers are also remarkable. Presently, there are various artists familiar to even international audiences. Some of the famous Pakistani singers in Pashto music include Nazia Iqbal and Karan Khan. Nazia Iqbal is well known as ambassador of Peshawar Zalmi. Speaking of Hindko musicians, their folk music compositions are famous. Since, the traditional rhythms are embedded in them. In general, there are many fishes in the sea today. Yet, many rising Pakistani singers depict how talented the people of the country truly are.


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