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10 Tips To Save Money On The Wedding To Plan Your Honeymoon

tips to plan your honeymoon

A wedding is a bond created between a couple who promises to stay together for a lifetime. Everyone wants to make their wedding ceremony memorable and attractive in every way. People usually go on a honeymoon after marriage.

Honeymoon is considered an essential episode for a newlywed couple. They generally decide to go on honeymoon in high-priced and stiff places.

It is significant to adopt moderation in every aspect of life because everyone can’t afford an expensive wedding. Nowadays, people are spending a lot of money on useless activities at weddings.

People should abandon these useless activities and arrange a beautiful wedding on a moderate budget. In this way, they can save a good amount for their honeymoon.

Here are some tips that can help you to save your money on the wedding for a honeymoon.

1. Off-Season Wedding Date

People generally love to celebrate weddings, and most of the marriages are usually get organized in winters. Therefore, off-season weddings can help you to save a lot of money.

The venue of the wedding will shave off the regular rental fee. Moreover, the decoration of the event will also keep your money save during the off-season.

2. Selection of Invitation Cards

You don’t need to order a bundle of stylish or expensive invitation cards. You can go for flat printing invitation cards that are low-priced and save a lot of money.

3. Invite The Closest Ones

A large gathering of people at a wedding ceremony will indeed affect a wedding’s atmosphere and can ruin the fun. You have to pay a considerable amount to caterers for serving the people, for marriage hall or decoration.

To save money, you can invite only your close ones to the wedding. In this way, the atmosphere can also remain peaceful and joyful.

4. Save Money On Kids Meal

If your family’s kids are invited to the wedding, ask your caterer to discount their meals. Caterers often cut the cost in half and sometimes offer a less expensive, separate menu for kids.

5. Wedding Shopping

Simplicity and elegancy are rare and more attractive. Never buy heavy dresses that are costly.

Try to wear decent and light dresses that are easy to carry and less expensive. This way you can save money because clothes are generally more costly.

6. Wedding Events

A wedding is a time of happiness for family and friends. Don’t arrange several unnecessary functions before the wedding, such as qawali night, dance night, and more.

Arrange the primary events, invite your loved ones, celebrate the wedding with peace and joy.

7. Decoration Ideas

Think of creative ways; you can get an expensive decor element for less easily.

You can use lots of leaves and flowers to save money and present a natural event for your guests. Instead of using bistro lights, use simple lights that lend the same effect.

8. Wedding Menu

One dish is usually more affordable than serving a variety of food. Pick an excellent and money-saving meals for your guests.

9. Photographer’s Time

Consider booking your photographer for about 4 to 5 hours instead of a full-day. Photographers only capture all the crucial moments. Short booking time can save more money.

10. Repurpose Your Catering

Reuse your ceremony catering on the day of reception with some changes like flowers or lights. You have to pay again for this, but it will cost less.

Arrange A Low-Budget Wedding!

These useful tips can surely help you arrange a low-budget wedding and save a lot of money.

By saving your money from the marriage, you can be left with a considerable amount and arrange a beautiful honeymoon.



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